Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lakewood - Boulder - Lakewood

I was a bit ambitious this weekend. I rode to the Republic of Boulder for the Boulder-Roubaix race. It was a long 45 miles to the start besides getting turned around in Boulder and not properly eating. I made it to the line with the 35+/cat 4s (and yes, I am old and slow). Gravel at 25 mph on skinny tires is amazing, almost rethinking about my TIv2 tire selection. Body gave out with 2 out of the 4 laps complete - not enough fuel in the tank. Ate large amounts of calories and headed to my cousins for a spot of tea. Rode home and finished up the day at 114 miles.

The Sunday ride was a bit shorter and more laid back. Met a buddy in Golden, then did a mountain bike loop at White Ranch. Then home to watch OLN for my tv cycling fix.

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megan said...

sheesh! thats a good bit of bike riding in a couple days. good job.