Thursday, April 06, 2006

Out of the funk

I gave a good kick my lethargic butt! Last evening, I went to an old standby route up to the top of Lookout Mtn to gaze west at the snow cap peaks. It was a slow slog up to the top as the winds were howling. Blasted down to Red Rocks with lights on high - there is nothing like overdriving your lights going 30+ mph. A quick ride through Morrison and headed for home.

Today, just to kick myself again, I hooked up the trailer and headed out. Dropped one kiddo off at school, then headed to BCLP for a quick loop. The ceders/pines are shedding there nasty yellow pollen which is finding its way into my brain. Popped allergy pills and tylenol when I got home which makes me more bearable.

Only 23 days left until TIv2! A couple more long rides and then its taper time. I am not concerned that I will not make it, as I know there are going to be times when all I want to do is curl up in the ditch and die. Thats is why I hope I can hook up with some riders to help the me get to the second sunrise. Misery loves company.

It is nice to have more than 5 minutes for an update. I will try and get some ride pictures soon.


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