Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend of Racing

Spent most of the weekend racing.
Saturday I decided to make the long haul from Lakewood to Longmont to catch some Boulder CX racing action. I was feeling a little under the weather, so I no grand expectations. The course rocked and was just plain fun to race. Bolted after the race to head to Boulder to pick up brewing supplies - I got the makings for a Bock.

Sunday the legs felt weary but the race was one I could get a few more points toward my overall goal of staying in the top ten in the state series. I started off bad going into the first corner almost dead last, then I crashed in a muddy section, then I hooked a pedal on the barrior fencing. I completely lost mental and physical momentum. I realized that I needed to relax and tap out a hard tempo to start reeling riders back in. I was able to salvage 8th.

All this is great training for TransIowa. Only two more weeks of racing before I can even think about putting in base miles. The next three races for me all have points so I will try to remain focused and not eat to much.

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