Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It is now beginning. A winter full of hard base training to prepare myself for the potentially hardest thing I have ever done.

I will try and keep up and document my training.

November Training
Continue to race cross and log many miles before December.
Monday - Run or ride my mountain bike.
Tuesdays - Weights along with some minimal cardio
Wednesdays - Run or ride with a minimum of 5 hill repeats
Thurdays - Easy day on the rollers or pulling my son in the trailer
Friday - Ride easy on my SS
Saturday - Race (ride to it if weather is good)
Sunday - Race

December Training
Plan is to focus on weights and getting to a point I can run 8-10 miles twice a week.
Time off the bike will be brief.

January and February
Lots of tele skiing
A peak a week (plan on snowshoeing or skinning up)

March and April

More details to come.
Thanks for your support.

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