Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pain, Pain go away

Painful! That is all I can say. It was both mentally and physically draining to be running for 13 hours throught night with someone who pushed his body to far earlier in the day. Lots of prep talks, cussing, shin splint, and pity parties but he finished 100 miles in 27 hours 37 minutes. Thats a 30 minutes faster than last year. Pictures in a day or two.

My legs ache but in a good way and should be back on the bike in a day or two. It was good to get home and eat all the cookies in the house! To sleep in this morning was the best feeling in the world as I have risen at 4 am the last two evenings I got to sleep. I learned more about myself this trip and hopefully it will make me a better person.

The ups and downs of life bring many joys and disappointments but one has to remember that we are here for only a short period of time and we must push on.

Thanks for reading........

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