Friday, November 07, 2008

Back to Normal

Well, somewhat. The cancer has been removed! The reconstruction is complete. Now I just rest and try mono vision for a week. No driving or cycling until the patch comes off, so that means much planning for 2009 will be taking place.

The postcard is ready to mail for TIv5. I'll be checking the DK site regularly. Planning on running this with Rene in June (maybe). I'll be working on the Bayou Salado Enduro site and firming up a date. The GLGA will be placed on calendar.

Work will begin on putting together a non-profit to promote skin cancer awareness amongst cyclists. My dermatologist is going to assist with directing me towards some grant money.



Kris said...

I am interested in helping out too... The skin cancer runs deep in my family

Kris said...

That is kris at

Cornbread said...

Mike, glad things went well. Scary stuff. This is a good reminder for all of us in the sun to wear sunblock.

Great to see your name on the TI list. I've been eagerly awaiting the DK date too. The GLGA date will be announced after the DK date is determined.