Monday, June 02, 2008

The Kanza Experience

I headed east from the foothills to the plains of our great country to partake in yet another gravel adventure.

The first fifty were just plain fun. I managed to stay with the main group for about 15 miles until the rolling hills. Then I just settled in for a long day grinding some sweet flint hills gravel. I made it to the first CP feeling rather good. I headed out solo for CP2.

We had a re-route which brought a bit of navigational confusion as I was unsure where I was on the map. Another SS rider straightened me out and we rolled into Cottonwood Falls together picking up another SS on the way. Another quick stop and I headed out for the third leg. About half way through this leg, I came upon Skip and Jeff.

At this point I was glad to have someone to ride with. At this point it was a struggle to hold a somewhat intelligent conversation. The three of us stayed together until the end, A quick stop at CP3 then we headed onward to the last big climb and the finish.

Darkness came outside of Americus, there is nothing better than cruising gravel under the power of lights. We rolled into the Guest Inn parking lot just under 17hrs.

The ride back to Denver gave me time to digest the ride and weekend. To sum up the weekend: I drove 17hrs, biked 17hrs, enjoyed the company I kept, had no mechanicals, pushed a perfect gear, and plan to be back next year. Now all I need to do start assembling a Denver gravel grinding contingent.

Check out Corey's write up and pictures.



-jb said...

Great riding with you Mike, can't wait to do it again. Next time we head to CO, I'll bring you some NE ales.

Endurosnob said...

If you were incoherent, so was I as it seemed perfect to me. Seems to early in the season for there not to be another long one on tap.

PaddyH said...

if you get an event like DK/TI/RA going...WE WILL BE THERE....MANY OTHERS TOO....


MG said...

Nice riding Mike -- It was great to meet you, and thanks for the post-race brew. That hit the spot. One was all it took...