Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Ride

The annual addition of the Father's day ride took the form of a multi-park mountain bike adventure. Four of us braved the trails as wives and children prepared for the post ride festivities.

After a quick spin through William Frederick Hayden Park on Green Mountain, then a mellow warm up ride to the base of the first climb of the day, Chimney Gulch. We climbed up to the Nature Center, making a stop to fill bottles. From there we made our way over to Apex where we did a short loop, descending through the Enchanted Forest and climbed back out the main trail.

We headed west and up over Grapevine making our way to Idledale where we pick up the trail at Little Park. Rode through Lair O' The Bear up into Pence Park. Hopped on the road for a bit stopping for ultra filtered water. Continued on to the top of Mt Falcon, we did the Parmalee loop before the nasty descent into Morrison.

A short loop through BCLP to add a few more miles of single track before ending the ride at Chad's place. Iced PBR, family, great friends, and good food - a great Father's Day.

Rolling it down

SC rocking the climb up Chimney Gulch.
View of the Divide.

Chimney Gulch Trail.

Moots & WaltWorks


Gary Fisher.

SC giving props to the great Front Range Trail system.

Notorious and Scott at Apex.

A quick loop before heading on.

Descending Grapevine w/ Hearts & Stars.

Quick Break.


Lair O the Bear.

Water Break.

View from Mt Falcon.

Heading toward Morrison.

Recovery Drink of Champions.

Resting Steads: Moots/WaltWorks/Gary Fisher.

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