Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Batteries Full

I spent the last two weeks living high in the mountains amongst the snow and vacationers. The experience reinforced whats important and served as a vital recharge for 2008. As I head into my 15th season of racing, I can look back proudly while looking forward to the challenges that await. My goals for 2008 are simple: continue to enjoy riding my bike and stay as motivated as I did in 2007.

With TransIowa off the calendar for 2008, I am planning on Cultcross, 18hrs of Fruita and Dirty Kanza as my spring races. Other races of interest include the New Mexico Endurance Series, 12hrs at Steamboat, and 24hrs in the Sage. Plus a full calendar of 'Cross in the fall with a tentatively planned visit to Portland.

The new cx bike decision is being mulled over but it looks like I'll go with local custom builder.

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dp said...

Another Borthwick.., I mean Waltworks?