Thursday, June 14, 2007

A good chunk

After a decompresive weekend, it was time to hit it hard to prepare for the Dead Dog Stage Race. I haven't done one in a few years so not sure how the legs are going to react. I was able to race in circles on Tuesday with the weather subsiding just enough as not to race in a complete downpour. Only 9 brave souls toed the line, we went off with a flash and that was the last I saw of most of them - I forget how easy it is to hide in the pack.

Last night was a great ride in BCLP with SC, Drew, and BIL on some of the single track in the park. It was good to get out with the boys for a ride. BIL was sporting a new GF 29er which was sweet.

It was my morning today, which meant I got my butt out to ride. Rolled over to quiet stretch of road and commenced to do hill repeats, the legs wanted to be back in bed. After 2 more than planned the body was in need of coffee and food, so I rode home in enough time for Rene to catch the bus.

I feel like I am coming back around after a brief hiatus. The weekend will be filled with some long rides and time with the kids. Can't wait.


Notorious B.I.L. said...

Thinking about ss ride at Buff creek Sat morning early. Chad, Me, and ?? What do you think. 40 miles of FUN!!!!

Taugimba said...

No early Sat ride for me, someone is running the White Ranch loop (and its not me).