Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dead Dog Experience

I love to race my bike and when I can head out to somewhere as nice as Laramie thats makes it even better.

Road Race:
Really Hard! I felt pretty good for the first 17 miles until the climbing got intense then I popped like a balloon in a cactus patch. I gave it my best effort to recover and remain in sight of the riders up the road, but to no avail I was going to slog the next 13 miles to the turn around solo. Brian "the Hammer" caught me after the steep climbs which gave me the boost I needed to keep going. I found a comfortably painful pace and just climbed to the summit trying to enjoy the views in between gasping for air. Made the turn around to see my two teammates were close behind, the big men were surely going to catch me on the downhill. I reached only 50 mph in a full tuck and couldn't quite go faster - I should of grabbed some bottles (or rocks) to give gravity more mass to play with. Finished up with an 11 mile uphill drag to the finish, I was cooked. At this point I was riding alone and heard someone yelling at me, it was Brian. We rode in together finishing the painful 1000 m climb to the line. The team went 33, 34, and 35 over 30 minutes down to the leader.

I was pleased to finish the race under the time limit but was a tad disappointed that I didn't climb better. I was shooting for top 20 in the Road Race, but thats the way racing goes.

Fast and Fun! We had the opportunity to kicking off the Sunday racing schedule with a 7 am crit in downtown Laramie. Didn't sleep well the night before (even with a few beers) so I was tired at the start line. Once the gun went off, the fun began. The JDS squad pushed the pace early on to assist in the safety of the event. We remained active throughout the race and I even bridge to a breakaway towards the end but they had given up and we got swallowed up into the pack.

I felt great and was able to move around in the pack without a problem. I made a small tactical error towards the end when I bridged up and should of kept going past the break, oh well.

Time Trial:
Pain! These aren't suppose to be fun. I pushed hard to the turn around - 5 miles out downhill with a tailwind. Then I just suffered back to the finish.

I did better than expected and I am now perusing online for a set of aerobars.

Overall a great weekend, finished 30th, found the veggie restuarant, hung out with teammates, didn't crash, and enjoyed Laramie. The team raced great and it was fun racing with Brian and Bill. Dead Dog is on the calendar for next year.

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