Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Final push

Need to maintain some momentum over the few weeks which will mean a continuous dose of saddle time. The WaltWorks is ready and will be running a 32x14 with some 35c Conti Speed King Cross (if they arrive in time).

TIv3 Information: There is a chance to pass through the Little Switzerland of Iowa on the way to an undisclosed check point. Will we head to the bohemian alps? Over towards M'town?


Cellarrat said...

Itching for this race....

Can't wait!

Ran into your wife on lightrail... was nice to chat for a bit.

Paul said...

Hey! I would say our odds of going through Elgin, or at least close are extremely good. I am a map geek and have been playing with different options on the course. I am pretty confident that we will not go more than a couple miles west of Waukon (which is our first town) and then start heading for the Waterloo area. The check point is in Evansdale just southeast of Waterloo.

I would guess, and obviously it is a total guess, that we won't make it as far west as Marshalltown. I predict we will go to Grundy Center and then will head north up to Charles City or Osage before heading east to Decorah again.

I look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.