Monday, April 16, 2007


Another great day for racing only to be squander with so-so legs in wrong place at the wrong time. The race start fast as a couple teams put the hammer down early, as DT would say "It's on like Donkey Kong!" I hung tight for a bit but being small in stature racing with giants I got shoved around more than usual, I tried to be assertive but end up on a bad line thru the gravel washboard. I drifted towards the back with hopes of making it up on the climbs, before I knew it the group was strung out for as far as I could see. Worked my way toward the front on the finishing straight climb only to get ridden off the back. Ended up in the second chase group working pretty well together trying like mad to get the group ahead. To no avail, ended up with a disappointing 31st. Did find out later that my saddle was 3 cm lower than normal, no wonder I couldn't generate any power and my legs were sore afterwards. Brian (teammate) and I rode up to Jamestown after the race then I headed home for a hike up Green Moutain.

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