Monday, January 08, 2007

Wickedly Windy

A weekend of winter sports. I skiied with Fallon on Saturday morning on the old alpine fixed heel setup, then snowshoed with the family in the afternoon when the wind started whipping. Sunday was Fallon's first day of Bombers, so that means I have the whole day to ski by myself. The wind was brutal, two instructors told me that the wind chill at the top of the Colorado chair was -54 degrees! If you could stay warm on the chair up some of the slopes you had all to yourself (or at least you couldn't see anybody else). I should have gone XC skiing with Rene and Keagan, but I thought if my daughter was out skiing in the cold so should I.

The kids are headed back to school this week which means I can get some miles in before the next blizzard. Decisions been made but not finalized. My ACA appication is ready to be sent in, I better start training.

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