Thursday, January 04, 2007

Valley of the Sun

We made it back from our visit to the retirement mecca of the southwest, Mesa. The trip home made the whole trip worth it - one night on the rim of the Grand Canyon (supporting nationalize capitalism), drove by the Black Mesa and the Peabody coal mine (I thought some monkeys blew it up), spent the night in Moab (sans bike), drove Arches National park (those paved roads are sure nice), and followed the Colorado River into the heart of the Rockies. Missed all the snow in northern NM and someone even cleaned out our drive so I didn't have to shovel more snow.

As the plan currently stands, I will be purchasing a new coat from the fine folks at Melanzana so I don't make it on his list of gapers for wearing my father's 70s vintage ski parka while skiing at Breck. My wife did get asked if she wanted to move to Atlanta and Anchorage, passed on both. With all the snow on the ground and the lack of being able to get outside to ride, a warmer climate does seem appealing.

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