Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To the grindstone

My last race was only 3 days ago and I am already in my transition phase of my schedule. I have not nailed down my next 20 weeks but will by the end of next weekend. Until then I plan on hitting the weights hard and logging some spin classes or stationary bike workouts. I have added lunges to my leg workouts - I have muscles that have not been sore for years. The lunges will help skiing this year. I have developed a solid weight program for me that with 2 times a week during a power building period can build huge endurance as well as strength.

Attended my first spin class yesterday where I was not the only one there. It was almost fun and the pain was lost in the energy of the class. Hope to hit one or two per week. My plan of knocking out long slow runs is not as appealing as it once was.

Weight workout:
10-15 minutes warm-up (cardio)
Leg press or Lunges
Bench press
Military press
Leg curls
Tricep push-downs with hanging crunches between sets
Upright rowing
Calf raises
Lunges or Squats
Incline situps
Squats or isolated one-leg press
Dips alternated with pull-ups
Situp machine
Crunches (if time)
Basketball (if time)

This workout if done at an off hour can be completed in 1 hour 15 minutes.

It is frigid out there, so I be keeping warm inside. Peace!

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