Monday, December 05, 2005

Season is over

My season is officially over!
The last race was far from stellar as I had a slight fever and was lacking any kind of energy. It was a perfect course that I could have done well at but that is the way life is. As I look back at the season/year, I can am proud of what I accomplished. I race 16 cyclocross races finishing up in 6th place for the ACA state series and had a few top tens. Competed in 6 or more road races and one mountain bike endurance race. Also, I did pace my bro for 38 miles of running at Western States! The miles logged seemed to be down the past few years to around 4000 but the hours I spent running made up for that.

It is now time to relax for a week or so before I need to start hitting it hard for next season. I will be keeping motivated by reading Jason's Blog who use to dice it up with Will Black back in Texas. I still miss those old Lajitas days - long miles, good racing, and lots of beer. Kent , Jeff, and Dave will also help.

Off to prepare my schedule of pain.

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