Monday, October 31, 2005

Settling in

The weekend brought on more cyclocross racing. Saturday the race was an easy pedal from the house at my daughters old pre-school. The course had a long paved section that sent me into the red zone each time up it. The back side had a killer lock your brakes up descent back to some rolling single track. Ended up 13th after getting caught by two guys with a lap to go. I put in a huge effort with 3 laps to go in an attempt to hold off the chasers but I cracked with a lap to go and ended up behind them. No worries. Drank some Go-Fast had watched the rest of the suffering. Pictures to be posted soon.

Sunday? What was I thinking. I wanted to have a great race because I would have liked to break into the top ten and garner some good points. I was lolly gagging around at the start and ended up in the backrow. The start was narrow and I ended up staying there until the first set of turns. Then gaps opened up and then I just settled in to reel as many people back as I could. The last lap I shifted to the little ring and dropped my chain on the big runup and DS made up some time. I didn't recover and he beat me by about 200 yards.

The next few weeks the racing heats up in and around the house. Time to settle in and start racing like I know I can.

Peace and Happy Halloween....

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