Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Red Country

Prior to the invasion of Texas into the once quiet Big 8, my only impression on Lincoln was that of the whipping they gave ISU every year and that of my home town neighbors fervor. As time passes and new friends are made, those scoreboard images and the sea of red have been replaced with the color gravel. Hence, 14 hours in the car (without Ipod) made for intraspection while listening to songs like "Rocking the Beer Gut" and "Fat Bottom Girls." Throw in 13 hours of riding gravel with over 9000 ft of climbing, Lincoln nite life, and some couch surfing (thanks loads, Cornbread!). I came back to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a vision for 2010. Vive Gravetes!

1 comment:

Cornbread said...

Great to have you in town Mike. You're welcome in Lincoln anytime!

Good luck with cross!