Friday, June 19, 2009

Bayou Salado Update

The organization has begun to finalize the plans for this adventure. The start will be currently from the Refuge and stop by the skate rink parking lot (over flow parking) at the base of Boreas Pass at around 8 am on June 27, 2009. We will follow the GDR route from Breckenridge to Salida. Stops in Como and Hartsel if required. The finish line will be around Amicas in Salida, where we will eat and drink. Then an easy 2 hour drive back to Breckenridge to enjoy more beverages on the deck.

This is an unsupported ride. Please ride at your own risk. Rides back from Salida to Breckenridge are for you to arrange. I am not responsible for anything.

Check site here.

Interested? Let me know. Chad and I will tackle this 100 mile day regardless.


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