Monday, January 12, 2009


As we move into the year of 2009, remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and please seek out a dermatologist. I was very lucky to have a great team of doctors that took exceptional care of me. The process has begun to get my non-profit organization together, more information by the end of the month.

My cycling events are solidifying daily. TI and DK are anchoring the spring season. I haven't yet convinced myself it is a good idea to head to Tejas for Mas O Menos in February. I'll be keeping watch out for a PCL event as well as hitting a MSC race. I did some coloring for a little race in September. It looks like Bayou Salado Enduro will go off on July 25th with a tentative route of 125 miles.

The CO Posse of Crossniac Syndicate has secured Golden Bike Shop as a sponsor. We are hoping to add a few more riders to the roster this year. I am already thinking Bend.

I am hoping for a great 2009! I am starting the year at my lowest weight is as many years (okay Highschool). The 2008 training plan will be the basis for 2009.

Just say WTH and HTFU in 2009!


Steve Fuller said...

with TI and DK on the schedule, I do think that HTFU is going to become a mantra in our households. :)

Black Rabbitt said...

HTFU... I agree. We all have the same mantra. Now or never.

303cycling said...

Did you see this today?

I want to hear more about your mission to help cyclist with sunscreen.