Friday, August 29, 2008


The plans are in motion for the fall, a minor blimp may delay the start, but the focus is still on December. If things go south, I may turn into uber cowbell beer drinking fat guy, which would be just fine.

The Crossniacs are co-promoting Brecktobercross on Septemeber 14th. We are joining Great Adventure Sports to put on a great event. Brecktoberfest is also that weekend - beer and 'cross.

The plan for the Bayou Salado Enduro is coming together. The plan is to hold it in late July 2009 with the route just over 120 miles. The event will be mostly on gravel starting in Breckenridge and passing through Jefferson, Hartsel, and Como.



Cellarrat said...

where in breck?

Hummmmm sounds fun!

They have a single speed class?

Taugimba said...

Dave, Brecktobercross will have a SS division, the race activities are at the Nordic Center.