Thursday, May 01, 2008

May day

The past week has been busy with family and keeping up with TI happenings. Saturday morning a connection was made as the first song to pop in my head was "Wish You Were Here." Spent most of the day checking for updates from GT's TI Radio. Now it's over I have been reading reports from CornBread (5th), Paul, Snob, JJames, T-Roy, Doc, Dan, SCole, plus many many more. The plans are already set in motion for TIv5 if GT and d.p. are willing to give it another go.

The edginess has crept back in as I ready for this years fun on gravel, Dirty Kanza. In a couple of weeks the FR50 will be the litmus test to check to fitness.

Snows hit the Front Range today just as I headed out for my ride - it was cold and wet.

Rolling out.

Quick stop to add a layer.



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