Thursday, November 01, 2007


Version 2 - WET!

Version 3 - Completed!

TIv4 will see me watching from the sidelines. I think Mark and Dave are going to put on one heck of an event, kudos go out to the two of you. Look for me at TIv5!

I am thinking Dirty Kanza in 2008.


Cellarrat said...

Sounds like a plan!

you thinking about mas o manos?

Taugimba said...

Mas O Menos is being considered.

D.P. said...

See ya in Kansas. I've done both iterations. It's a top notch event in my opinion!

Guitar Ted said...

Probably see ya in Kansas as well. Thanks for the plug! :)

Endurosnob said...

Okay, I will save the beer and handiwipes for Kansas.

Mas O Menos? That will require some research. Hmmm