Wednesday, August 15, 2007


After a quick trip to Iowa and Chicago, back in the foothills with preparation for the start of school and 'cross taking up much of my time. Brief recap of the trip: Heading east into the humidity that is the midwest making a stop in Lincoln to pillage the farmers market eating all things unheathy. First visit was M'town where we played tennis, rode bikes, ate sweetcorn, and visited ISU. Then on to Chicago with a stop in Dubuque to ride the tram and eat pizza. In Chicago we rode bikes, visited downtown, boated, and drank beer. All in all a great relaxing end to the summer.

Getting the 'cross bike built back up, decided to add gears back on with the idea of actually trying to have a decent season. The Waltworks will be called into service as my backup bike and for those few SS races. The 'cross specific workouts have begun with the first race in Breck only a month away.

Time to stock the fridge with Hoegaarden! (and some PBR)

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