Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Minimal free time

Have been busy with my domestique lifestyle and of course watching the Tour, so my posting/surfing has been limited. Well, no CB100 this year. I hated to take it off the calendar but that is the way is has to be. The rest of the calendar for the summer is under scrutinty also. Looks like mainly local rides and races with a serious ramp up for cross season.

Besides missing the CB100 this weekend, I am also missing one of my most favorite Texas rides. The ride from Austin to Luchenbach was always a must do when I resided in Austin. The rides starts from Freewheeling and meanders out to Luchenbach via the RealAle brewery. Check out the details.

The Wednesday night ride with the Denver Cruisers looks more appealing than the suffering of the Denver West ride.


Cellarrat said...

You well be missed at CB100

megan said...

ah dang that luckenbach ride looks fun. i've never done it. next year....